More Disasters — Natural and Man-made

I can’t be sure if this collection of natural disasters is unusual or just part of the normal cycles of nature. However, the man-made disasters are clearly the product of human failure to take care of our planet.


South American cold snap

Flash flooding in Kashmir

Pakistan flooding

Moscow smog from wildfires (may be man-made)

— and heatwave

Indonesian volcano erupts (others also erupted recently)


Cyber-terrorism and power plants

Oil spills — Gulf of Mexico and China (see previous posts)

Drug-resistant bacteria

6 Man-Made Disasters Just Waiting to Happen

Doesn’t look good, does it? And these are only a few. A notable disaster that has happened several times in 2010 is an earthquake. There have been so many earthquakes, it seems that Mother Earth has indigestion.

On the other hand, Discovery News reported in April that the elevated number of significant earthquakes was within normal limits, and according to seismologists, there was no reason to fear “the end.”

Time will tell.


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