Another oil rig explosion?

Thursday witnessed the explosion of another Gulf oil rig, this one in much shallower water than the Deepwater Horizon. According to, the rig was undergoing maintenance at the time of the explosion, and all 13 workers evacuated safely, then were rescued by the Coast Guard a few hours later. Because the well was not producing at the time, it did not result in the kind of oil spill seen earlier this year with the BP well.

However — there is one small incongruity. When the explosion first occurred, the rig operator reported seeing a mile-long oil slick. The Coast Guard stated that when it arrived 2-3 hours later, there was no sign of a spill.

Which story is correct? Why did the operator report seeing a slick? I don’t see any motivation for that. On the other hand, the CG may have had a great deal of motivation for hiding the truth, considering what a huge debacle Deepwater Horizon was for everyone concerned.

I just wish I could hop on a ‘copter and see.


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