Back from the wilderness

Not really. 🙂 But sometimes it feels like it.

How about that election? Although the Republicans now control the House (I hate to see Pelosi leave the post of Majority Leader!), they don’t have the Senate, which means there wasn’t a clean sweep as some had predicted. Most significantly, in my view, the real crazies (i.e. Angle and O’Donnell) will not be going to Washington in a few months. Thank God!

Now, the Beltway gossip — actually, it’s not just gossip, it comes straight from the Republicans’ mouths — says that their first priority is to extend the Bush tax cuts. This will make all the rich people ecstatic and the middle class pleased. That is, pleased until they realize the tax cuts will require harsh, merciless slice-and-dice  to some of the major entitlement programs. Or cuts somewhere in the budget — defense, perhaps? No, hardly anyone would like that. Members of Congress would fight the closing of any bases in their jurisdictions. They have to if they want to keep their seats.



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