Iran’s New Bomber

Now that Iran has a nuclear power plant, the next logical step is making nuclear weapons. Forget for the moment that Iran’s leader, Ahmadinejad,  says they won’t make any.

Iran has, however, just unveiled its new unmanned drone bomber, named Karrar (Farsi for striker). Ahmadinejad calls it Iran’s “Ambassador of Death.” Is this the means by which Iran can attack Israel as well as other countries (even America)?

Msnbc reports,

“The scope of Iran’s reaction will include the entire earth,” said Ahmadinejad. “We also tell you — the West — that all options are on the table.”

As far as I’m concerned, this is clearly a warning to Western Europe as well as the U.S.  It is more likely that Europe would be hit rather than the US, but no possibilities can be excluded at this point.